Technical debt

Technical debt occurs when system’s “viscosity” makes it more and more difficult to add functionality cleanly or to upgrade easily.

If you don’t repay your technical debt, it grows:

  • If technical debt is not repaid, it accumulate ‘interest’ making it harder to implement changes or to upgrade the system to more recent versions.
  • The “uglier” the system gets, the more error-prone and time-consuming it is to refactor your system.
  • When technical debt remains unaddressed then it will generate entropy where the system might totally decay over time.  This in turn might lead to the radical “big bang” replacements requiring huge monetary investments. Don’t let it grow unless you want to pay more in the future.

Furthermore technical debt restrains flow. It merely slows down your software delivery process. So, avoid it right now and fix it so that you can accelerate.

Technical debt

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